Write and design the website. It's fine to assign roles, but don't turn it into several individual projects. Work together to design a website that covers the entire SEARCH process (see below).

Post the completed project on a website and submit the URL here. In your personal submission of the URL describe what you did on the project (e.g. read all of the files, contributed to discussion, worked on the simplicity and scope criteria statements, found graphics, etc.).VERY IMPORTANT: Be sure that you INDIVIDUALLY send me the URL and assess your own participation. The grade is based on your contribution to ensure the overall quality of the group project. Individual members of a group can, and do, get radically different grades. However, without an individual statement and posting of the URL, I can't grade your work.

SEARCH process:

  • STATE the claim.
  • EXAMINE the evidence for the claim.
  • CONSIDER alternative hypotheses.
  • RATE according to the criteria of adequacy each HYPOTHESIS
The Criteria of Adequacy are explained in chapter 6. Testability, Fruitfulness, Scope, Simplicity, and Conservatism.

Your project is due by July 29th